Les flocons de neige » First Snowflake Photos

Between 1885 and 1931 « Snowflake » Bentley photographed snowflakes through a microscope and became the world’s leading authority on snow crystal photography. In nature the snowflake is elusive, rarely seen long enough to contemplate its delicate beauty. However, thanks to « Snowflake » Bentley’s genius, thousands of snowflakes have been immortalized and no two were ever found to be alike. The delicate beauty and uniqueness of snowflakes has fascinated man- kind for centuries. These crystals hold within them keys to understanding metaphysics. All snow crystals are based on equilateral triangles. The tri- angle is based on the number three, a mystical number relating to the three aspects of Man (mind, body and spirit) and God (truth, beauty and love). This triangle or Trinity is an important archetypal symbol. Most snow- flakes are formed by inter-locking triangles creating six pointed « stars ». Six pointed stars are also found throughout history in man’s religious and mythical symbology. In the Hindu tradition, it represents the union of Kali and Shiva.To the Chinese, interlocking triangles represent the union of the Yin and Yang principles and even in the New World, Mayan hexagrams were a symbol for the union of the sun and the earth. The « Star of David » i



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